VHS to DVD / USB Services

We are thrilled to now offer transfers from VHS to DVD / USB

Videotape deteriorates with age and the storage condition it is in - why not ensure that you can cherish memories forever by having your VHS transferred to DVD or USB.


VHS to DVD - £12 each (10 or more VHS in one order will be charged at £10 each)


VHS to USB - £18 each (Please note that we will only transfer one VHS to an individual USB - if you require multiple VHS Tapes to be transferred to USB Sticks then please get in touch, and dependent on the amount of VHS Transfers you require to USB, we may be able to offer you a deal)



Terms & Conditions -


  • We will give your VHS Tape(s) a visual inspection before we attempt to perform the transfer, and will not proceed if we feel that it may damage your tape. Please note that we will not take liability for any VHS Tapes that break during transfer as a result of deterioration. 


  • VHS deteriorates with age, and as such, parts of your videotape may not have useable content on them at this stage. If your VHS is found to contain 10 minutes or less of useable content we will not charge you for the service. Any tapes with over 10 minutes of useable footage will be charged at the full price.


  • Payment in full must be made before we deliver your completed DVD(s) / USB(s).